We are pleased to announce that our volunteers, Sever Rondestvedt, John Daigle (shown above), Larry Tuck, Phil McCleod (shown above), Curt Norman, and John Wiggin have the 120 year old Rand Compressor (Pelton Wheel) running again. When it was first running early in the season, the very dry hemp rope began to fray in a couple of places and it had to be shut down and the rope repaired. Fortunately our team of volunteers did some research, put their heads together and came up with an amazing “witches brew” of chemicals that was sprayed onto the rope to moisten and preserve it, so we are able to run the compressor again: hence the strong but pleasant aroma as you enter the Powerhouse. If you haven’t seen this giant machine in operation, you need to come on our Mining Tour (11:00, 1:00 and 3:00 daily) and check it out. The underground part of the tour includes demonstrations of various other mining equipment as well.