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Kimberley's Underground Mining Railway
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“Thank you. Thank you. What a great time we had. You folks went the extra mile for us and we sure appreciated all that you did.”
Penny Adams - University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia USA
“Everyone on the trip was absolutely delighted with the afternoon with you and the staff. They enjoyed learning the nuts and bolts of what it takes to operate a mine. Everyone was shocked by the effort it takes to get a final finished metal product. ”
R David Dallmeyer, Geology Professor Emeritus - University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia USA
“My four guests and I just missed the 7:00pm train last night and Mick kindly directed us to the mining demonstration. I shall drop in at the railway station to pay for the five of us. The demo was excellent. A real quality job. One of my guests had been a coal miner in Fife in Scotland and was fascinated with the hard rock mining demo. Thanks for accommodating us. ..Struan”
Struan Robertson - Kimberley,
“The visit to the Sullivan Mine was one of the real highlights of our visit to western Canada. In addition to the actual mine tour, the visit to the powerhouse and the explanation of the core and mineral samples gave us an appreciation of the immensity of the mine and its workings. 300 miles of tunnels is hard to contemplate!”
Nick Dale, Ph.D. - University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia USA
“Thank you for the train ride and interesting presentations at the mine during our trip to Canada. The kindness of all involved was deeply appreciated.”
June Mazur - University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia USA
“Tripadvisor review: January 2012 Awesome! Really informative and lots of fun!”
jaynek45 - Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada
“Tripadvisor review: January 2012 The tour is very well done and extremely informative.”
miffles - Murwillumbah, Australia
“Tripadvisor review: January 2012 This is well worth a visit. They have tried to give people an idea of what it was like to work underground in one of Canada's largest and richest mining operations. They have done an excellent job. Take this tour if you are anywhere near Kimberley in the summer.”
Fraieda West - the west, Canada
“Tripadvisor review: September 2011 "Great experience." If you want to experience what life is like for a miner, this is a great place to visit! Take the complete tour for maximal benefit. It is very cold inside the mine and even though they provide all visitors with blankets, its a good idea to leave shorts and flip-flops at home and bring running shoes and full pants. The tour takes visitors through the mine as well as the power station. Every stop on the tour is fascinating! a A great activity for the whole family.”
Crystelshine - Surrey, BC Canada
“Tripadvisor review: August 2011 "A trip into some amazing history and you gotta meet Bill." We went on the 3:00 train...Having a son who is all about everything "choo-choo" and an engineer husband who drools over rocks, mines and dirt - this was a homerun for our family! All of the guides were great - you get to visit both the underground mine and the old powerhouse on the tour - and provided a wealth of information. The train ride took you around the valley and underground at which point we got off to meet Bill the miner. He's both knowledgeable, funny, entertaining and has lots of stories to tell from his 36 years of mining experience. It was fascinating for my husband, I spent a large portion of the tour making train lego with our little dude in an activity room they had set up for children in the mine - a great thought for when little ones get bored or grumpy. It was a super tour that was well paced, varied and tremendously interesting. Great for both adults and kids - they cater to all ages! Great job!”
munchkinmummy - Calgary, Alberta Canada
“Tripadvisor review: June 2011 "Bill rocks your socks off". Firstly you are greeted by the friendliest staff ever (who supply fleecy blankets for the ride.) A guy out front is playing Bavarian love songs on his accordion - can't get any cuter than that. Throughout the train ride, the tour guide (we had Zoey) tells you informative fun facts about the history of the mine. We saw about 5 deer on our ride up to the mine. Once inside the mine you hop off and meet Bill (who has been an employee of the mine for 30 years) who tells you the hands on stories of what it was like to work in the mine. Then you hop back on the train and head out on over to the powerhouse. Again really informative. Jokingly, we referred to it as edutainment! Haha. Well worth the $20 for 1 hr and 1/2 of fun. Only complaint would be that it is FREEZING cold in the probably a good idea not to wear flip-flops (wish I knew that before hand).”
rish_rash - Vancouver, BC Canada
“ To Engineer Make Hayes: A very informative and interesting train ride. -- that was a good promo!! I've been spreading the word, as I went about the village of Marysville and while in Kimberley. Sharon was also a very good guide, Kudos to all of you. May you have great success for the rest of the summer.”
Rose Stevens - Kimberley, BC Canada
“To Engineer, Mike Hayes: We really enjoyed our excursion with you today! You were an excellent guide and host. We really felt treated like special folks. Nice job.”
Jack and Robyn Loeppky - Kimberley, BC Canada
“Tripadvisor Review, July 14, 2012: A must see in Kimberley. A great way to experience some mining history. This tour is interactive and entertaining. Great for families but not suitable for small children. There is a fair amount of talking and demonstrations from an ex-miner, which small children would probably not understand and not get a lot out of it. Better for children 6 or 7+. Bill, the miner, has a great sense of humor and is an excellent guide. The train journey into the mine is worth it alone, we saw a deer and an osprey along the way. A must do for anyone visiting Kimberley.”
yodatoadi - Essex,
“Tripadvisor Review, July 18, 2012: Educational and interesting at the same time. Learned about the Sullivan Mine and really enjoyed!”
Donnie63 - Cranbrook, BC Canada
“TripAdvisor Review July 26, 2012 "Fun morning spent at the mine" It was a fun tour. Don't forget to pack a jacket as it is really chilly in the mine. It was a tad long for the kids so make sure to pack some snacks for them. They did have an area in the mine where kids could colour.”
Heidi N - Edmonton, AB Canada
“TripAdvisor Review July 22, 2012 "The 20 Dollars Were Worth it" At first this seemed a bit expensive but after we were done we felt like the price was more than reasonable. They went into detail to describe the history and how it works which made it worth it. The whole thing is commentated. It is about 2 hours long which may be a bit much for little kids. This is the star of Kimberley and is definitely worth going to. We went on the 21st of July.”
Redes Arells - Salmon Arm, BC Canada
“TripAdvisor Review August 24, 2012 "Loved this tour!" This tour is probably one of the best interpretive tours I have been on. Worth every penny. The train ride is fun, mostly outside approaching the opening of the mine. It stops inside the mine tunnel where you get out and receive a demonstration of working mine equipment. To see it put to use by a miner and hear the noise of it all is especially unique. It is cool in the mine so you should dress warmly. The groups was allowed to ask questions of the guide who is a miner and worked at the mine before it closed. He was knowledgeable and witty. The train then leaves the mine, does a turn around and comes back through. It then stops at the Power Station where another guide gives information about that building. He too was very knowledgeable and personable. They fired up one of the huge pieces of equipment in this building to give us a kinetic display. An exceptional tour!”
Bud B - Calgary, AB Canada
“TripAdvisor Review September 3, 2012 "Mine visit" This is a true mine experience and it is a good 2 hour tour. Lots to learn and take in and so interesting. Be prepared for leaving the train and walking underground. Really fun. I have learned a lot about the mine and the miners.”
David R - Calgary, AB Canada
“I just wanted to thank all the wonderful people that provided our BC Chamber Executive's Conference with memories that will last a long time this past weekend on September 7th! We will all keep these memories as the wonderful volunteers went above and beyond! You should be very proud of the wonderful attraction you have and the great people that host and represent your beautiful community!”
Maggie Stayanovich, Executive Director - Trail & District Chamber of Commerce, BC Canada
“TripAdvisor Review September 23, 2012 "Fun family outing." "My 2 kids loved the train ride. The informative part of the tour was a little long for kids but my husband and I loved it and our guide (I can't remember his name but he worked at that mine for decades?) was awesome. A definite must do tour!"”
lakureyri - Okatoks, AB
“TripAdvisor Review November 15, 2012 "Fun" "The train ride was fun for all ages and the information was given in such a way that young and old would get something from it. Workers were friendly and fun."”
Cathy M - Kimberley, BC Canada
“TripAdvisor Review, November 17, 2012 "Great and Educational!" "I had the pleasure of taking the underground mining tour and was treated to a fun ride through and up the mountain in Kimberley...the gentleman conducting the tour was wonderful, a colorful man with great stories and a real sense of pride in being a retired miner."”
Michael S - Nelson, BC Canada
“TripAdvisor Review, January 3, 2013 "Jam Packed With History!" "We liked the underground mining railway, though it was a bit long for my 5 year old. Very informative - the guys who do the tour are very passionate about their jobs! Great experience."”
CC - Edmonton, AB Canada
“TripAdvisor Review, January 19, 2013 "This tour is one of the best interpretive tours I have been on. The train ride was fun - mostly outside then stops inside the mine where you get out and receive a demonstration of working mine equipment. It is cool in the mine so you should dress warmly. The guide, a retired miner, was receptive to all questions and was great with his response. The train then made a return trip stopping at the Power Station where another guide gave us an overview of that building. An exceptional tour for all ages! To the volunteers who made this attraction a great one - thank you so much."”
tourismrocks - Vancouver, BC Canada
“TripAdvisor Review, January 9, 2013 "Talk about a tour!" "Let me say without a doubt there isn't a summer that goes by that I don't take visitors for a ride on Kimberley's Underground Mining Railway. The experience is unique and definitely worth the trip. The mine tour guides and miner Bill make the tour most informative and fun. There are so many things to learn and each time I learn something new. The ride can be cool so it's a good idea to bring a sweater or a light jacket even on the hottest day. Once underground it can be a little damp and chilly. My best experience was when the Men of the Deeps came to Kimberley and sang underground. My heart melted. Thank you Kimberley for this experience and adding value to the tourist experience here."”
Jeb 1957 - Kimberley, BC Canada
“My family (2 six year olds and my wife) and I took the KUMR on Tuesday. We were thoroughly impressed with the guides, especially the miner, Charlie. He added a degree of authenticity that we very much enjoyed, His descriptions of mining life on and off the job gave us a much greater appreciation for the town and its unique history. Thanks for the experience. The next time we're in Kimberley we will be taking the tour again.”
Gordon Smillie - ,
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